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Hi, I’m LatinasQueComen Founder Erika Garibay. In 2021, I started LQC to share my passionate connection to food. I’m a first generation Latina American blogger and content creator that loves coffee, personal wellness / self-care, and drives down the coast on the days I’m free. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and it’s still the culture-rich cali coast I live in.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business from California State University Los Angeles. LatinasQueComen recipe blog was established to share food with flavor and travel.

I love a good excursion for ingredients, whether local or abroad – ’tis my jam!

What Latinas Que Comen is all About

On this blog I share my insight, and tips and tricks in all of the things food, lifestyle, and travel. A bit of my adventures too, those often help people plan their weekend to get it all in [the sites, the cafecito, and the antojos of course]. My hope is that you trust and find LQC as a helpful resource in your daily life and decision making.

I’ll provide step-by-step recipes, adapted to my style. Some recipes will include creative ways to make them, and some will improvise based on the tools available in the kitchen, traditional and modern. Either way, they will be home cooked, memorable and delicious.

Recipes are made from natural ingredients that are meant to inspire, excite, and fu-el you up.

Where Food and I Started

My story and connection to food are personal. In my twenties, I lost my mom to illness, and to say the least, it felt like my heart broke. I loved my time with her and I’m grateful for my memories. We had a ‘super tight bond,’ is what I called it. My mom was an incredibly lovely person and was the first to introduce me to exploring food culture, and music from within our own and beyond.

Life without Mami has its moments in grief, but I’ve turned to the comfort I feel to her and my heritage when I’m cooking. At one point, I tried so badly to unlike and resist the idea of my love for la comida (the food), but it’s still the thing that I feel naturally drawn to and my curiosity to explore and learn continues.

I look forward to the ritual that includes sourcing and picking ingredients by touch, piece by piece, and maximizing their use. Followed by developing a flavor of the foods I grew up on for traditions, classics, and more. It feels good to share, really good!

Enjoy the everyday meal options my recipes are meant to provide you with. Testing and creating them for you to try makes me happy.

When I’m not working

When in need of a reset, my beloved Peter and I travel. He is my rider! We share a love for adventure, music, and walks (throughout this pandemic, we still manage to get our walks in) for a vida más fina.

On treat yourself days, I usually grab a slice of cake, a beverage with friends, and morning cups of coffee with my Papi that I value most. Weekend hang time with the best people is a favorite; especially on days of celebration that include yummy food, delicious bread things, and cold drink chillin, because that is how we do things around here.

Thank you for your support of LatinasQueComen and Goza la Vida!


Erika Garibay

Founder of Latinas Que Comen

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